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With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and value, dedicated employees and local representatives on each island, Islandbargains.com has positioned itself to be "The number one choice for ONLINE Shopping and Shipping", throughout the Caribbean. Combining a family history of retail experience, with the latest internet technology, IslandBargains.com is leading the way of shopping for the diverse people of the Caribbean. With rising cost and hassles of travel, more and more people are discovering how they can save time, money and hassle by shopping online. Island Bargains specializes in serving the people of the Caribbean, making their online shopping and shipping convenient and secure. They even ship to every island every week!

Islandbargains.com not only sells discounted name brand products, but also packages goods, and combines all of shipping, handling, freight documentation, and custom broker fees, together, ALL IN ONE! This means customers just pay local duties, at the time of delivery.

Islandbargains.com offers over 2000 grocery and household products ONLINE for customer to choose. Our low cost, FLAT RATE shipping, allows customers to shop freely, without the hassles of traditional online shopping and shipping. You SAVE hundreds on your grocery and household items!!!

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With a 20,000 square foot warehouse conveniently located, at Port Everglades, shipping turnaround time is considered to be the best in the business. And, with high volume shipping discounts, it's really hard to beat IBpacks shipping rates.

For small business and store owners, IBpacks can also ship your goods to you, from your favorite U.S wholesalers, with LOW FLAT RATE shipping costs...AND the clearing is always included.

So, whether you're purchasing household goods for your family, or shopping with your favorite U.S retailer, let Islandbargains.com and IBpacks get you your products to you, on time, and at a bargain price.

And as always, remember, we are here "FOR THE PEOPLE"!