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Cars | Clothes | Specialty Items
Building Materials
| Bulk Orders
Organic Foods
| Furniture
| Electronics
Boats and Other Watercraft
(i.e. Jet Ski's)
| Scooters
Car Parts
| Toys | Tools | Exercise
| Specialty Pet Food
& Pet Supplements
| Vitamins &
| Lawn Equipment
(lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc)
Books - and more!!!!

Need help with your U.S. purchases? No U.S. credit card?
Hard to find item?
Or just don't have the time...

Let our experienced procurement team do it for you thru our

  • - Simply send you online cart or wish list to
    and we will prepare your order for you.

  • - Once completed you will receive the order
    for final approval and an invoice for payment.

  • - Once payment is received, we will place the
  • order for you, ship it to our warehouse and
  • then onto your destination island ASAP!

  • We accept International Credit Cards, wire transfers, and even cash in some countries!!

    *20% Personal Shopping fee applies to order total.
    Minimum fee of $20 applies.